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About Us

VCOVS emphasises on the improvement of visual heath and prioritizes patient care through leadership in education, research and service.

VCOVS is a non-profit, non-government organisation, registered under the Society Registration Act (1961), Government of West Bengal. It is solely dedicated to delivering quality education in the ophthalmic space with the right professional attitude to reach the goal of Prevention of Blindness through Vision 2020.

Clinical and public-health research, Innovation, and Advocacy are our other active areas of operation.

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Creating better healthcare professional for tomorrow.

VCOVS endeavours to create progressive optometrists by providing knowledge and experiences beyond the curriculum. They are encouraged to engage themselves in cutting-edge research in eye and vision care so that the goal of protecting the vision of the community and the society at large becomes a living reality.

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Bachelor of Optometry

Bachelor in Optometry paves the way to an exhilarating and gratifying career in optometry. Specific graduate attributes have been carefully demarcated, developed and charted to every component of the course that integrates optical, visual and biomedical sciences with clinical decision making and patient care.

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Master of Optometry

Master of Optometry is a post-graduate programme that aims at training optometrists into becoming eye specialists with the capabilities of examining and diagnosing different ophthalmic problems and coming up with proper treatment or solution for the same. The course focuses on academic areas dealing with low vision, vision therapy, advanced contact lenses, behavioural optometry, rehabilitation, binocular vision, neuro-optometric rehabilitation and vision therapy among other areas.

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Well furnished library and clinical laboratories equipped with the modern and highly advanced machines and gadgets


Illustrious placement history in India and abroad

Faculty Members

Experienced and dedicated teachers

Clinical Training

Top quality professional training provided by opthalmologists and optometrists of national and international repute

Eye Care

World class eye care education and services.

VCOVS endeavours to accomplish the eradication of preventable blindness, in accordance with international standards and organisations, by providing quality eye care services at minimal cost. A unique feature of the institute is its out-patient department (OPD) within the campus wherein the students get a first-hand experience of clinical training, and while undergoing the drill of dealing with patients, they end up delivering primary eye care services to the community.

Out Patient Care

As a not-for-profit organisation, VCOVS with its focus on protecting the human eye, has been providing quality education to the aspiring optometrists and opthalmic care to the community at a minimal cost since its inception.

Clinical Optometry

Assessment of visual function, phoria, tropia & diagnosis of binocular vision anomalies.

Paediatric Vision Care

Assessment of paediatric vision & binocular vision anomalies in children with proper treatment.

Geriatric Vision

Diagnosis of age related visual anomalies & management of the condition.

Alumni Speak

Deepayan Kar

Graduate Research
Dept. of Ophthalmology, UAB

Vidyasagar College of Optometry and Vision Science is a leader in education, patient care, and research offering premier optometry training in India. The College conducts robust four-year professional Bachelor's degree and two-year Master's degree programs training students for the science and stewardship of optometric practice. With the shifting healthcare paradigm, India demands more qualified optometrists. VCOVS is leading the way with an accredited evidence-based curriculum, diverse and dedicated faculty portfolio, and exceptional infrastructure as an optometry institution. This undoubtedly creates a nurturing environment promoting dedicated professional ethics and imparting values of lifelong learning. This is extremely gratifying and makes me a proud alumnus.

Simona Nath

Clinical Optometrist

My journey as a student has always been focused on the path to college and success. My college life is just as exciting, where I experienced ups and downs like being on a roller coaster ride. There were exciting moments along with stressful, anxious, nervous, frightening and victorious moments. I have gone through a lot bumps during the semesters, but I've also enjoyed the ride in between. I hear people complain about the college life , saying that they could have done much more, but in may case, it is the best experience one could have had. But it wouldn't be possible without my teachers and mentors. I may not have always shown it, but I'm grateful to have such awesome teachers in my life. Thank you for guiding me throughout my journey. Besides learning I had chance to make good friends who were there for me when I needed them. I still feel like college is my second family. Although the journey of the college life with my teachers and friends is very short but given by them a lot of beautiful memories that will always remain in my heart. College inspired to think differently. It's like no other time in your life. College is the best place to enjoy life happily- nothing else can beat that.

Toshmita Chakraborty

Clinical Optometrist

"It isn't where you come from; it is where you are going that counts." Myself Toshmita Chakraborty, an Ex-student of VCOVS - 'One of the best OPTOMETRY colleges in India'. I am extremely thankful to my college for facilitating such a positive learning as well as creative environment and for truly caring about the well-beign of the students. Our highly qualified and supportive faculties, provision of clinics, scientific laboratory, our library, efficient classrooms and all equipments, exposure of attending various seminers, celebration of festivals and special occasions and last but not the least our jovial annual picnic made us well organized, professional as well as groomed human beings all together. Thanks a lot to my college, all the faculties, staff, administrator, director and to each of you for everything you contributed in all possible ways.
"Keep running VCOVS - 'The initial pillar of Optometry'; a long way to go to cultivate many more successful optometrists in our country.

PS Bhaskar Jha

Gold Medalist

Founder, Switchnxt Technologies

It is a matter of highest pride to me that I had an opportunity to learn Optometry from the finest of the faculties in Optometry. Undoubtedly VCOVS is the best amongst all of the colleges in India imparting education in Optometry, an institution truly devoted to the development of the subject and producing the finest of the professionals in the subject.

Arindam Majumdar

Clinical Optometrist

Myself Arindam Majumdar , an optometry student from VCOVS 1st Batch ... it is a pleasure to be a part of this institution and I still cherish my learnings of those 4 years of graduation and the interaction with great teachers who helped me to learn values in practice too with knowledge.
My sincere thanks and gratitude to all my teachers and the institution.

Sirsha Paul

Silver Medalist

Religare, Manager - Claims (Medical)

When I reminisce about my three years of college at VCOVS, I see a transferable set of competencies developed over time. I was a part of the 2015-2019 batch and had the pleasure of completing my degree under the guidance of highly efficient and supportive Professors. This Institute is a pioneer in Eastern India, providing ample clinical experience. The four-year curriculum course includes one year of hospital internship, during which students are exposed to a diverse range of patients, enhancing their clinical knowledge. Overall, I had a great learning experience, both academically and personally, and the knowledge I gained will help me grow in the future.

Ritwik Gangopadhyay

Clinical Optometrist

It is without any doubt that Vidyasagar college of optometry is a wonderful institution which helps to build a strong career foundation for each student. I am the second batch and passed out in 2006. In the college, I had guidance of one of the most beautiful faculties who gave me unparallel education and also hands on training. I have been in Organisations like GKB Opticals, Titan Eye Plus and Himalaya Optical company which are prominant names in the industry. As a part of being a Lens consultant, I am fortunate to handle the technical aspects of Brand like Rodenstock and Nikon which are international entities.
I, therefore, would like to express my gratitude for shaping my career so nicely.

Ashim Dey

M.Phil., Ph.D.

“Vidyasagar College of Optometry and Vision Sciences (VCOVS) is one of the best optometry colleges in eastern India. The world-class faculty team, study resources and optometry clinic facilities provide students opportunity to craft their carrier to be excellent clinical optometrists or researchers on the world stage. I am always grateful to the VCOVS team for such opportunities and my achievements.”

Pradipta Bhattacharya


I am Pradipta Bhattacharya currently a Ph.D. (Optometry) researcher at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. My Optometry journey began in the Vidyasagar College of Optometry and Vision Science (VCOVS) as a bachelor student in the year 2008. After completing my bachelor's I went on to do a clinical fellowship and M Phil in Optometry. But all through my academic journey, the concepts, and knowledge I acquired during my bachelor's were pivotal. The faculty team in VCOVS is excellent and very hard working and they teach with utmost dedication and sincerity. The management team is very helpful and understanding. Overall I feel the entire atmosphere in VCOVS is very friendly, safe, and enabling for students which helps in developing an honest lookout about their professional future and steering them towards achieving their goals. Based on my experience in the field of optometry and based on my travel and academic experiences I can say with full conviction that VCOVS is not only one of the best Optometry colleges in eastern India but in the whole of India. I wish team VCOVS all the best and I am sure they will produce excellent optometry professionals.

Dr. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

Chief Optometrist & Researcher
State University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh

I am honored to be an alumnus of the prestigious Vidyasagar College of Optometry and vision sciences, Words cannot describe the gratitude and the pleasure I feel toward each of my instructors who contributed to my success, The Optometry program helped me in introducing myself to well-known firms and organizations after the completion of my course, which eventually prepared me to be a skilled public speaker and an active team member who can achieve successes in the professional field of Optometry, Our great professors specifically focused on giving real-life examples and responded with valuable guidance and feedback, The Optometry program was an essential key which helped me in creating a firm base and elevating my career to a higher level, Indeed it was an excellent experience and worth the time and effort spent in strengthening my knowledge and excelling my professional career.

Debapriya Mukhopadhyay

Optometry & Vision Science Professional

If you are reading this, I am sure you are interested to know more about Vidyasagar College of Optometry and Vision Science (aka. VCOVS).
I am Debapriya Mukhopadhyay. I wish to share some memories and facts about this college. Over the period of time this college has not only built brilliant students and shown great career paths but also created an enormous number of good faculties who are spread across the globe today. An institution, which thrives for polishing abilities and brilliance on a different level. I must take a few names in this, whose utmost dedication and span of service took this institution to the level where it is today DKM sir is the pillar of it. He has made a bridge where all students come to this institution and share their knowledge and skills if not physically but online. Ms Runa Mazumder and Ms Moumita Mitra every student must admire the full time wholehearted dedication which has made them shine today where they are. Oh yes, I must also talk about Mrs. Srijita and Mr. Tanmoy as they have added a new flavour of Optometry teaching in this imperial institution of Optometry of Kolkata, India.
Every time I visit this institution I meet curious faces. Eager to learn. Always. This interest is not readymade but it's the thrive of the students and throttle of faculties which is making students interactive, developing, and industry ready every moment. The transition of years and the transition of culture is always found in this place. I feel this institution is always ready to build visionaries of tomorrow.