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Eye Care > Patient Care

Welcome to OPD @ VCOVS

VCOVS houses its own outpatient department within the campus.  Equipped with high end machines, the clinic runs six days a week with experienced and qualified optometrists providing eye care services to a large number of people at low cost. This is the real workshop where students pursuing a course in optometry are given clinical training.

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Comprehensive Optometry Clinic

Comprehensive examination of the physiological and anatomical health of the human eye and visual system.

Cornea & Contact Lens Clinic

Soft, RGP and Speciality Contact Lens trial, fitting, insertion removal training along with corneal topography facility.

Binocular Vision & Vision Therapy Clinic

Assessment and management of visual function, ocular alignment i.e phoria, tropia (squint),lazy eye & other binocular vision anomalies.
Therapy sessions to train our two eyes to see together.

Paediatric Vision Clinic

Focus of this domain is to assess and manage the vision & binocular vision anomalies in younger age group patients.

Low Vision & Rehabilitation Clinic

This is dedicated to diagnosis of low vision & provide training of low vision aids to those who are having low vision as per the difinition of WHO.

Geriatric Vision Services

This is related to diagnosis of age related visual impairment & management of the condition in older patients.

Occupational Vision Service

This is devoted to provide customised vision care services related to the type of job & working conditions for smooth working experience and safety of the eyes.

Sports Vision Clinic

Sports Vision Clinic identifies the visual needs of a sports person / athlete and help to perform at optimum level by providing proper training and management to the visual system.

Retina Clinic

Diagnosis of different retinal pathologies & their management is done here.